You have 12 minutes!!

Hey my dear friends,

Today’s news is really hot, as we’re going to introduce an upcoming game of 2020. So, sit back, and there we goooooo!!!!


At the title of this post we told you that you only have 12 minutes, and that’s the hing which makes this game spectacular. 12 minutes is an adventure game developed by Luis Antonio and will be published by Annapurna Interactive for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.


You arrive at you lovely home which is in an apartment having no worries about anything, and want to relax with your beloved wife who is pregnant. Then a police officer appears knocking at the door. Afterwards, you’ll be told by the officer that your wife is accused of murdering her father many years ago!! Then suddenly the officer attacks you and beat you up, and kills you wife and her unborn child in a cruel way.

Then the game starts at the original point where you enter your home. Each time you’re stock in a 12-minute cycle to try and solve a mystery in order to save your wife. The coolest thing is that you’r not given any information, and you must explore the game yourself. It’s ingenious, innit???

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